Tightening & Toning

Be sure to download the workouts for future use!

Week 1

This week the goal is to get introduced to some of the basic exercises that make up training and to also work up a little sweat in the process of learning! Before you start your workout, go through all of the exercises and find the ones you don’t know. Once you have found all of the exercises you don’t know call or text us at (251) 494-4671 and we will explain each exercise to you that way when you start the workout you will know exactly how to do each exercise. Push yourself during this workout and try to go as long as you can without stopping. Sweat is important when trying to tone your body so embrace the sweat!


Lower Body

3-4 Rounds (20-30sec rest between exercises) Time/Reps:

Group 1

Wall Sits                         30sec

Sumo Squats                  30sec

Alternating Lunges          30sec

Burpees                         30sec

Group 2

Squats                            30sec

Split Squats or RFESS       30sec

Step Ups                        30sec

Group 3

Squated Walk                  30sec

Frog hop squats               30sec


Jog 15-30min


Upper Body

3-4 Rounds (20-30sec rest between exercises) Reps:


Med ball slams 30sec

Plank holds 30sec

Jack Knifes 30sec

Standing DB Curl and Press 30sec


Push Ups 30sec

Russian Twists 30sec

Sit ups 30sec


Low rows 30sec

Lying side crunches 30sec


Jog 15-30min



Treadmill 5 min warmup

4 rounds


Jumping Jacks 30sec

Burpees 30sec


Sit Ups w/twist at top 30sec

Plank holds w/shoulder touches 30sec


High knees 30 sec

In and Out squats 30 sec


Week 2

This week our goal is to build on top of the exercises and workouts that we learned last week. The whole point of working out and exercising is to learn how to use and build/reform our body. When we’re able to do this it allows us to completely change how we live our lives on a daily basis. Mindfully decide to work hard during each one of these workouts this and results will show!


Lower Body Day

4 sets per group: 45-60sec rest between sets Reps:

Group 1: Select 1 variation from the parentheses for each exercise

Squats (body weight, smith machine, barbell) 10

Straight leg deadlift (body weight, dumbbells, barbell) 10

Step ups (body weight, dumbbells, jump ups) 20

Plank ups 10

Group 2

Stationary Lunges (body weight, hands behind head, dumbbells) 10

Sissy Squats (holding something for support, non supported) 10

Bounce Squats (wall squats, body weight, frog squats) 20

Bicycle Crunches 20

Cardio Group

Burpees 10

Wall Balls 10

Sprint 50yds (timed down and back)


Upper Body Day: 4 sets per group: 45-60sec rest between sets

Group 1 Reps:

Push Ups 10

Sit Ups 10

Standing Bicep Curls 16

Alternating Dumbbell Flat Bench Press 10

Group 2

Standing overhead press 10

Pull ups 10 or until failure

Side Lateral Raises 10

Dumbbell Row 10/side

Cardio Group

Med Ball Slams 10

Up Downs 10

Run in Place 30sec


HIIT Day: 4 sets per group: 45-60sec rest between sets

Group 1

Squat and Press (body weight, dumbbells, barbell)

Switchfoot jumps (stepping, jumping)

Plank holds (elbows, hands, on hands w/shoulder taps)

Group 2

Med Ball Slams


Sit ups (Crunches, touch knees, full sit ups)

Group 3

Barbell overhead tricep extensions

Barbell bicep curls

Walking Plank



Week 3

Lower Body Day: 4 sets per group: 45-60sec rest between sets

Group 1 Reps:

Side Lunges (focus on hip flexibility) 10

Squats (against wall, body weight, smith machine, barbell) 10

Scissor kicks 15-20

Group 2

Hip abductors (open the gates, machine) 20

Side Squats (body weight, prisoner style, dumbbell) 10/10 (down/back)

Hip adductors (close the gates, machine) 20

Cardio Group

Frog Squats or Bouncing wall squats 20

Walking Lunges (body weight, dumbbell, barbell) 10/10 (down/back)

Sprint 30sec


Upper Body Day: 4 sets per group: 30-45sec rest between sets

Group 1 Reps:

Dumbbell Shoulder Press 12

Dumbbell Seated Side Laterals 12

Dumbbell Seated Rear Delt Raises 12

Push Ups 10

Group 2

Machine Lat Pulldowns 12

Straight Arm Pulldowns 12

Battle Ropes 20

Bicycle Crunches 20-30

2 sets: 45-60sec rest between sets

Cardio Group

Burpees 8-10

Bosu Ball Planks 30sec

Jack Knifes 10

Sprints 30sec


HIIT Day: 4 sets per group: 30-45sec rest between sets

Group 1 Reps:

Leg Raises (6in off ground, full hip raise) 10

Med Ball Slams 10

Planks (elbows, hands, shoulder taps) 20

Group 2

Push Ups (Knees, feet) 8-10

Side Crunches 10/side

Rocket Squats 10

3 sets: 30-45sec rest between sets

Group 3

Burpees 8-10

Mountain Climbers 10

Sprints 30sec



Week 4

Lower Body Day

4 Rounds (20-30sec rest between exercises) Reps:


Wall Sits 30sec

Sumo Squats 10

Alternating Lunges 10

Burpees 10


Squats 10


Step Ups 20


Squated Walk 10/10

Mountain Climbers 20

Frog hops 10/10


Sprint 50yds (Down and Back)


Upper Body Day: 4 Rounds (20-30sec rest between exercises

G1 Reps:

Dumbbell Front Raises 10-15

Dumbbell Chest Press 10-15

Cable Flyes 10-15


Push Ups 10

Sit Ups w/twist at top 10

Band Pull Aparts 10


Dumbbell Lateral Raises 10-15

Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 10-15/arm

Dumbbell Pullovers 10-15


Cross V ups 10

Planks w/shoulder taps 20 taps


HIIT Day:4 Rounds (20-30sec rest between exercises)

G1 Reps:

Wall Sits 30sec

Max Vert Jumps 10

Hip Raises 10/side


Pull Ups 10 or max effort

Flutter Kicks 20

Burpees 10


Plank Holds 30sec

Squats (2 sec hold at the bottom) 10

Sissy Squats 10

Cardio- 3 Rounds

Sprints 30 sec