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Holiday Deals

Buy a $10 gift card, receive $100 off of services for you and whoever you give the gift card to!

Offers End December 31st!

Limit of 10 per person!

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Holiday Belly Blaster

This program is structured around getting that flat belly after all of the end of the year holiday festivities! We all know what goes on around the holidays and we're not here to stop you from enjoying yourself with family and indulging in amazing holiday food. No, we're here to help you get back on track after all of that has already been done! We're going to get your exercise and overall activity back on track, we're going to set your eating habits back in line with reaching your desired end goal, and we're going to be there for you every day to ensure that you reach the goal! If this sounds like what you're looking for then click the button below!

New Year Resolution Booster

This program is set up to help you set an actual New Years Resolution body goal...AND ACTUALLY REACH IT! We're going to determine what your desired end goal is, we'll create the plan that guarantees that you reach it, and we're going to get you to reach the goal AND ENJOY THE PROCESS AT THE SAME TIME! No more diets that work for a little bit or not at all. If you decide to go with this program, we 100% GUARANTEE YOU WILL REACH THE GOAL and if you don't we will train you for free until you reach it! Sound interesting? Click the button below to set up an info meeting!

Lose 10lbs in Under 20 Days

That stubborn holiday weight has made it's appearance and you're ready to wave goodbye to it! Research shows that 80% of weight gain happens during the last 3 months of each year. Let's just say you gain 5lbs after the holidays, and you do that every year for 4 years. Yeah it's only 5lbs per year but after 4 years that's 20lbs of weight gained in a total of a 12 month period! If you're tired of the holiday weight and you want to see results ASAP, this is the program for you. We guarantee you will lose 10lbs in 20 days or less on this program. If not we'll keep training you for free until you do! Click the button below to get started!


Erica Sherrod

Teacher & Basketball Coach

-Lost almost 30lbs in 10 weeks!

-She's gone on vacation...AND LOST WEIGHT!

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Shannon Tillman

Surety Land Title Co.

-Lost 30lbs in 9 weeks!

-Used our 21 page Healthy & Delicious Cookbook to find foods that get results and taste amazing