8 Week Challenge


For who?

Anyone looking to drop unwanted fat and replace it with toned lean muscle

How does it work?

We assess you to have a defined starting point, we set your end goal, and then we get to work!

How is it FREE?

We give you the opportunity to reach your goal with an upfront cost of $600 ($10.71/day) and if you reach your goal within the 8 weeks, we will give your money back as a credit to use toward your next month of training! That's almost 3 months of training FREE if you work hard and make the changes you are looking for!

What benefits do I get?

-3 workouts/week with trainer

-nutrition planning and tracking

-daily accountability to assure progress

-24/7 gym access

-local restaurant nutrition guide

-Bomb breakfast guide

-Lick-your-finger lunches

Delectable dinners

Challenge Process

1. We will set your goal together.

2. We'll go through a plan that will show you how you can reach that goal.

3. Then the process starts!

How do I start?

Fill out the contact form with the information required and in the message box let us know an idea of what your goal is. We will contact you shortly after with the next steps!

If you achieve the goal we set at the beginning together, you will receive your challenge entry fee back as credit for your next month of training with us!

Final overview:

You get everything needed to FINALLY achieve your health goals with the opportunity of receiving your initial investment back as a reward! (You basically reach your goals for FREE!) It's a no brainer if you ask us!

If you're up for the challenge, click below and we can start today!