Diamond Membership

Goal Centered Workouts with a Trainer

You will have 2 scheduled 30 minute workouts every week with one of our awesome trainers

24/7 Gym Access

You need somewhere to complete all of your on-your-own workouts and cardio!

Weekly On-Your-Own Workouts

You will get 2-3 goal centered workouts sent to you to complete on your own outside of your scheduled workouts

Weekly Bootcamp Access

You will have access to all of our bootcamp classes and can bring a friend with you to them

Progress Accountability

You will receive contact from the gym every single day through workouts to complete to nutrition check ups to ensure you are doing what it takes to reach your goals

Cardio Schedule Catered to Your Goals 

We send you cardio to complete based on your goals (this is a huge accountability option for training because we will make sure you are completing the cardio needed to reach your goal)

Progress Planning & Tracking

In order to reach a goal FOR SURE, you must plan out the path to get there and track progress along the way! We take care of tracking everything for you!

Personalized Nutrition Guidance

We will set up and adjust your nutrition as needed to ensure your food is in line with reaching your goals

$420 Diamond  Membership


Bring someone with you to every single personal training workout! This is perfect for someone who has a friend or family member that they want to come with them to workout!