Black Friday Gift Cards

This year alone our clients have lost a total of 1,235 pounds combined with an average of 20 pounds lost per client!

This is such an amazing achievement and we are so proud of all of our clients.


We are so happy with these results and we are preparing to have even more success for our current and new clients in 2022!


With that being said, we have been creating our plan for this new year and how we plan on not only helping our current clients more but any new clients that come in as well. We decided to put together our first ever Black Friday Gift Card Special that we need your help with!

All this week we will be selling gift cards that will cost only $10 but have a value of $100 off training here with us! Not only will the person you give the gift card to receive $100 off, BUT SO WILL YOU! That's right, you pay $10 and you're technically receiving $200 of services! If you'd like to give someone the gift of starting a healthy & happy life, it only costs you $10! Instead of buying someone a $10 pair of fuzzy socks get them something that has the potential to change their life!

PS- this sale ends on Black Friday so let us know ASAP how many cards you'd like to get before 11/26/21

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